Akari Noguchi 45X Pendant

Akari | Noguchi 45X Pendant


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Washi paper, bamboo frame
E27 screw
Max 75w

H 43 x W 43 x L 43 cm

Akari Noguchi 45X Pendant
The Noguchi Paper Lamp 45X is a box-shaped pendant lamp considered modern during the post war era. The Akari 45X pendant was designed by Isamu Noguchi: "The paper lights have been in production for over 50 years and are still made by the same company in Japan using the traditional methods for creating Japanese paper lanterns. The lamps are made from the famous washi paper and bamboo ribbing, with a metal frame.

About Akari
Original and authentic Akari Noguchi lamp models have a stamped red sun and half moon along with the signature "I. Noguchi".