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Audo | Bollard Lamp Black

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Silicone, PVC. GU10 (Not included), max. 4W, LED. Can be fitted with a dimmer by a certified electrician.

13 H x Ø11 cm
3m cord

Audo Bollard Lamp Black
The Bollard Lamp by Audo is a versatile lamp that can be used singlely or grouped together in a home, office or café environment. And with the exceptional 350 cm cord you can point the light just where you need it.

The Audo Bollard Pendant was designed by Shane Schneck: “Bollard is a smart example of the approach in practice. The first perception of Bollard may appear like any other ordinary pendant but a cleverly designed clip and foot allows the lamp to perform in many situations. Suspended from the ceiling the lamp functions as a traditional light but clipping the cord into a side fastener it can work as a spot light. Bollard may also be used to beam light up when placed on its foot, or can be casually placed horizontally on a shelf.”

About Audo (Formerly Menu)
Audo is a Danish design company founded in 1976. We do design. All day actually. Occasionally at night as well. Collaborating with some of the most talented designers in the world we deliver high quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look. We call it soft minimalism. At Audo we’re passionate about design, new materials and clever details, and we dream about making a difference.