Gubi 3F Bar Stool

Gubi | Gubi 3F Bar Stool

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Seat: moulded 3D veneer or Moulded HiRek, black centre base

High Stool: H: 75 x L: 44 x W: 45 cm
Low Stool: H: 65 x L: 44 x W: 45 cm

Gubi 3F Barstool
The 3F Bar Stool by Gubi is part of the Gubi Chair collection which is the first furniture design to be based on the innovative technique of moulding three-dimensional veneer. The Gubi 3F Barstool was designed by Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen of Komplot Design: "The 3-D design gives the chair a comfortable seat and sense of lightness. Ground-breaking technology allows the thickness of the veneer to be reduced to half that normally used."

The Contemporary interior design of Gubi Chair is simple, clean and offers an uncluttered look. The furniture that best suits this style features clean-cut lines and striking colours or the innovative use of materials. Individual, unique pieces of furniture are the key to contemporary style.

About Gubi
Gubi is rooted in Scandinavia but with a distinctive global outlook - and sense of aesthetics. The result is an eclectic, intercontinental collection that blurs the lines between the past and the future. An extensive assortment of extremely aesthetic, thought-provoking designs characterised by simple, arresting shapes, original materials and innovative techniques which defy time and space. Imbued with a beauty that resonates with design aficionados, architects and designers all around the world.