Normann Copenhagen Ikono Lamp Large in white

Normann Copenhagen | Ikono Lamp Large

Normann Copenhagen
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Glass & Coated Steel

Ø 45 cm x H 30cm

Normann Copenhagen Ikono Lamp Large
Ikono Lamp by Normann Copenhagen is a beautiful pendant lamp with a pure and simple feel. The Ikono lamp has a cone-shaped glass cylinder and two colored steel shades in matching tones which rest on the glass. Together, these features go to make up a classic pendant lamp. The light is directed by the top shade while the lower shade ensures anti-dazzle. Ikono Lamp was designed by Simon Legald - "It is well-suited for almost anywhere in the home."

About Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen is a way of living - a mindset. We love to challenge the conventional design rules. This is why you will find traditional materials put into untraditional use such as a Stone Hook made of Icelandic stones, vase made out of silicon and last but not least a dog made out of plastic.

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Great Care
Written by Agnes on 6th May 2014

I love this Lamp in Red and when I ordered it online, I feared about the packaging. I am happy to say that my Lamp reached me in a new condition and the packaging was done with great care. Thank you!