Luxello | Modern 5" Black House Letters

Luxello | Modern 5" Black House Letters

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ic-local-shipping-black-24dp-1x-copy.jpg  Delivery: 4-8 weeks

Aluminium Screw Down Casing Light: 6 - 9 CREE LED. LED driver not included. IP44 rated. White LED

Height 12.8cm
Width 2.7 - 6.86cm
Depth 1.5cm
10 - 16 Volt AC / DC 

Luxello LED Black House Letter 5"
The Black LED Illuminated House Letters by Luxello, are a striking way to display street numbers on homes and apartments or for commercial projects. The letters are finished in satin blackwith an illuminated white backlit edge for high visibility, especially at night. The Black LED House Letters are Designed by Luxello, 2013. The lighted house letters work with any of the Luxello 5″ LED House Numbers.

Electrical Requirements
The numbers require a minimum of 10 - 16 Volt AC or DC for optimum voltage. They are low voltage so require a transformer like a doorbell transformer or a 5 Watt LED Driver. Your electrician will advise you on what type of driver to use as this is dependant on where the numbers are being placed, and where the driver can be housed.

A single power supply is enough to illuminate up to 6 numbers. The wires from each number are able to be connected to the same power supply they do not have any polarity. A battery power pack that can output the required voltage can be used as well. 5” numbers use between 0.4 -0.6 wUse a 5 or 10w LED driver. The constant current should not exceed 16 volts

Light Sensor 
You can have the numbers illuminate automatically at dusk by installing a light sensor from Lutron on a switch. The switch will turn the power supply on and off which in turn feeds the power to the numbers.

About Luxello
Luxello designs modern architectural LED solutions. A flexible and customizable illuminated number sign systems that offer bright information visibility for the hotel, condominium and commercial market. The recessed LED lighting line provides state of the art ambient and functional illumination for hallways and staircases.