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Powder Coated Aluminum (Fine Texture, Matt), Polycarbonate & LED, 0.7m PVC cord, USB Cable and Wall Charger included.

H: 23 cm x W: 13 cm x D: 13,5 cm
Weight: 1.03 kg

Menu Phare Table Lamp
The Phare Table Lamp by Menu transforms into a daily companion that can be freely placed, hung or taken outside as long as conditions are dry according to need. Whether standing or hanging, Phare is not a lamp to be utilised in merely one spot, but celebrated for its versatility. It’s simple good taste and composition will suit all residences – from Le Corbusier’s establishment to a contemporary, urban flat, Phare stands in opposition to the planned obsolescence of products to serve and live longer.

About Menu
MENU is a Danish design company founded in 1976. We do design. All day actually. Occasionally at night as well. Collaborating with some of the most talented designers in the world we deliver high quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look. We call it soft minimalism. At Menu we’re passionate about design, new materials and clever details, and we dream about making a difference.