Miolujo | Miotempo Pavilion

Miolujo | Miotempo Pavilion

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Height 294.00
Width 300.00
Depth 600.00

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Bamboo flooring, synthetic bamboo beams, aluminium metal frame

W: 300 x H: 294 x D: 600 cm

The Miotempo Pavilion, by Miolujo
The Miolujo Pavilion is taking outdoor structures to a new  level of pure innovation and unlimited flexibility. The ingenious prefabricated, flat-pack design allows the Miolujo Pavilion to be assembled anywhere. The unique frame shape and construction is re-usable. All materials used are 100% premium and recyclable. Miolujo’s unique age-defying materials can be custom manufactured to meet green build specifications. Structure includes flooring frame and bamboo boards. The Pavillions can be used for events or as permanent outdoor. On request, structures can be custom made in a range of colours and materials. Black and white images are indicative only.

About Miolujo
The Miolujo collection explores new technologies, manufacturing and building techniques developed specifically for outdoor environments. Miolujo was designed in Melbourne in partnership with the world's leading outdoor manufacturers. The Pavilion was launched at the Singapore Yacht Show, ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, 2018.

Note: Costs do not include assembly, estimated assembly time 2 days, 4 labourers.