Compile Shelving System White Config 1

Muuto | Compile Shelving System White

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Material: laser cut steel sheets & high quality powder coating. Customizable shelving system. Also available in grey and black

Refer to diagrams for configuration measurements

Each Shelf: L 120 x D 42cm

Large: H: 39 cm
Medium: H: 28.5 cm
Small: H: 18 cm

Muuto Compile Shelving System White
A contemporary take on the classic shelving system. The Muuto Compile consists of a shelf and three heights of dividing tubes. Arrange the shelves from the prearranged configurations.

The Compile Shelving System was designed by Cecilie Manz: “Storage is important because it is so universal: everybody needs good solutions.

The inspiration for the assignment was indeed the everyday storage situation. The design, with its logical construction, parallels to a certain degree an unpretentious Scandinavian lifestyle - one shelf represents one building unit while the length of the tube defines the shelf height. In this simple way one can assemble practical formations that fit individual needs - Compile should reflect and accommodate to the life it is a part of.”

About Muuto
Boasting the best of the best in contemporary Scandinavian design, Muuto proudly bring a wide array of products that combine functionality and creativity. From the Finnish word muutos, which means “new perspective”, Muuto continually break new ground by developing products and designs that are both enduring and for everyday use, and leave a lasting impression on the user. More than just the famed Muuto shelves, the Muuto collection includes the Cosy Lamp, Wood Lamp, Unfold Pendant Lamp, as well as the Muuto Dots, and Muuto E27 Pendant.