Muuto Flow jug is a decorative milk jug available in two sizes

Muuto | Flow Jug

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Handcrafted new bone China

H 13.5 x Ø 8
Volume: 300 ml

Muuto Flow Jug
The Flow Jug by Muuto is a decorative milk jug available in two sizes intended for use on the coffee table. The jug's elegant design is based on functional anatomy and creates an attractive item with an organic wholesome quality. Flow jug is produced in handcrafted new bone china. The Muuto Flow Jug was designed by Jakob Wagner: "With the shape of the jug I wanted to tell a straightforward story about its functional anatomy: A large hole to fill the jug, a small hole to pour, a low centre of gravity, and a middle area to get a firm grip. At the same time I wanted to create a flowing balance between these four elements in a way that makes them come together in an organic unity, like a heart and its veins or a tree and its branches. The end result almost makes the jug come alive."

About Muuto
Derived from the Finnish word Muutos, Muuto means new perspective. It’s no wonder that Muuto is constantly looking around for the bright talent in Scandinavian region. Not only do Muuto create sublime objects wrapped up in creative and unique designs. It’s only garnered by giving the freedom to the designers to come up with creative ways through everyday objects. You will also find the other great Lighting collections by Muuto like E27 Pendant, Under the Bell, Unfold Pendant, MHY Pendant, Stacked Shelf System, and Plugged Lamp. Be prepared to be blown away by the best of today’s Scandinavian design.