Muuto Rhythm Throw in light grey

Muuto | Rhythm Throw

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100% baby llama wool

L 160 x W 130 cm

Muuto Rhythm Throw
The Rhythm Throw by Muuto is made in baby llama wool with a rhythm-like structure, providing soft comfort to its user. The wool has been sustainably sourced in Bolivia with the factory cleaning 100% of its water post-production while reusing 75% of it.

The factory also holds the WRAP-certification, ensuring production under lawful, humane and ethical conditions. Muuto Rhythm Throw was designed by Aiayu: "With its plentiful character and simple surface, the Rhythm Throw brings large comfort and warmth to its user"

About Muuto
Muuto believe in only working with the brightest talent in Scandinavia. The name Muuto was inspired by the Finnish word Muutos, means new perspective. Muuto give their designers the freedom to express their stories through the the design of everyday objects. Ordinary items become works of enjoyable and extraordinary design - this is demonstrated in such pieces as the E27 Pendant, Stacked Shelf System, Under the Bell, Unfold Pendant, MHY Pendant, Cosy Lamp and Leaf Lamp.