Muuto Restore Tray in grey

Muuto | Restore Tray


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Polymer felt

H 12 x 40 L x 31 W cm

Muuto Restore Tray
The Restore Tray by Muuto can be used for all sorts of papers, objects and enables this cool Muuto classic to be added to your desk space and shelving. The small size fits perfectly in many different places! The basket are mainly made from fibres extracted from recycled plastic bottles. The Muuto Restore Tray was designed by Mika Tolvanen: “I wanted the basket to have a non-obtrusive nature. Polymer felt combined with a soft form give the basket a friendly appearance. The name Restore is inspired by the fact that baskets are made of recycled PET bottles.”

About Muuto
Derived from the Finnish word Muutos, Muuto means new perspective. It’s no wonder that Muuto is constantly looking around for the bright talent in Scandinavian region. Not only do Muuto create sublime objects wrapped up in creative and unique designs. It’s only garnered by giving the freedom to the designers to come up with creative ways through everyday objects. You will also find the other great Lighting collections by Muuto like E27 Pendant, Under the Bell, Unfold Pendant, MHY Pendant, Stacked Shelf System, and Plugged Lamp. Be prepared to be blown away by the best of today’s Scandinavian design.

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New office
Written by undefined on 3rd Jun 2016

Wow! Service is wonderful! Prompt delivery! And I LOVE my Restore Tray in grey! Thank you!