Design House Stockholm Nest Arm Chair in Pink

Design House Stockholm | Nest Arm Chair

Design House Stockholm
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Material: Solid Oak and Pine Laminated wood, Foam non-woven fabric The upholstery can easily be removed for washing
Fabric: Sand, grey, pink, turquoise: 18% polyester, 10% linen, 57% viscose 15% cotton, 420 g/m2 More than 100.000 Martindale
Fabric Dark grey: 67% wool, 26% nylon 7% polyester. 370 g/m2 More than 100.000 Martindale

L92 x D72 x H74 cm
Seat height: 41cm

Design House Stockholm Nest Sofa
Thanks to its details, Nest has become a visually lighter item of furniture. With its strong pine frame, its upholstery that can sustain more than 100,000 on the Martindale rubbing test (where 35,000 Martindale is considered fully adequate for use in public spaces) and its generous height above the floor making it easy to vacuum clean, it is clearly well designed in the full sense of the word.

It was designed by Jesper Ståhl for Design House Stockholm:
“I wanted to design a sofa with an inviting corner that one can creep up in, almost like a bird in a nest,” Jesper Ståhl explains. “But it was important that the sofa should look good from all directions and that is why it slopes and is rounded towards the bottom.”

About Design House Stockholm
Design House Stockholm was founded by Anders Färdig in 1992, with the philosophy “Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; and then don't hesitate to make it beautiful.” The collection was launched with Harri Koskinen’s Block Lamp that became a worldwide success. The Block Lamp has remained a top selling product, and is part of MoMA’s permanent design collection.

Design House Stockholm has also been awarded the Red Dot Design Award, Accent on Design Award, Excellent Swedish Design, Design Plus and Elle Deco Design Award.