Nordic Tales | Bright Modeco

Nordic Tales | Bright Modeco

Nordic Tales
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Lighting Pendant

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Opal glass, brass spot, 3m black textile flex cord. E27 lightbulb not included


Nordic Tales Bright Modeco
Nordic Tales Bright Modeco is created in the assumption of the steel, glass and concrete in total absence of ornamentation not necessarily holds the answer to a happy life. Modeco is an attempt to do something different, to embrace feminine values. 

The name Modeco is a contraction of the words Modernism and Art Deco, the two major influencing periods of the 20th century. Modeco is marking the transition from the latest modernistic influenced period to a new period where a certain level of ornamentation is yet again to be seen. In other words Modeco is Nordic Tales’ first step into a new period where form plays a bigger part. 

About Nordic Tales 
Nordic Tales is the story of wonderful design and ideas that are created to become part of the Scandinavian design tradition. Nordic Tales begin the story with the product design, which is then completed by the consumer who create their own combinations of colour and scale. Nordic Tales believes that quality design can be created in a humble studio apartment, with results that both the designer and consumer will love.