Normann Copenhagen Cutlery Gift Box

Normann Copenhagen | Cutlery Gift Box

Normann Copenhagen
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16 pcs stainless steel

Normann Knife / 4 pieces
Normann Fork / 4 pieces
Normann Tablespoon / 4 pieces
Normann Teaspoon / 4 pieces

Normann Copenhagen Cutlery (16 Pack)
Simple in its form, perfect in use. This is the essence behind Normann Cutlery, consisting of a knife, fork, tablespoon and teaspoon. Each item has been carefully designed and is perfectly balanced so that it looks attractive on the table and is perfect in use.

The Normann Copenhagen Cutlery was designed by Aaron Probyn: "By studying other types of cutlery I discovered that cutlery is often either masculine or feminine in its expression, and I wanted to create cutlery that spoke to both sexes. Normann Cutlery is harmonious in its design, beautifully weighted, sits well in the hand and has been created to be enjoyed every day”.

About Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen is a way of living - a mindset. We love to challenge the conventional design rules. This is why you will find traditional materials put into untraditional use such as a Stone Hook made of Icelandic stones, vase made out of silicon and last but not least a dog made out of plastic.