Normann Copenhagen Shorebird

Normann Copenhagen | Shorebird Black

Normann Copenhagen
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Material: Oak, lacquered steel

Small: L 11.5 x D 4.5 x H 7.5 cm, 0.09 kg
Medium: L 15 x D 5.5 x H 11 cm, 0.175 kg
Large: L 22 x D 6.5 x H 14 cm, 0.27 kg

Normann Copenhagen Shorebird Black
The Shorebirds by Normann Copenhagen are turned from solid oak and their simple unadorned silhouette gives them an almost stylised expression. Normann Copenhagen Shorebird is available in three sizes with lacquered legs in a classic black and white, a fresh and fashionable dusty light sea blue. Place the large bird on a shelf, sideboard, or dresser where it can proudly stand side by side with your vases and other decorative items. The two sociable, smaller birds are ideal for placing in groups, where the combination of their different sizes and colours gives a simultaneously stylish and playful effect

The Normann Copenhagen Shorebird was designed by Sigurjón Pálsson: "I've been fascinated by birds since childhood and have observed them for almost as long as I can remember. Therefore, I always knew that, eventually, I would incorporate birds into my design. The natural light brown of the oak tree is similar in colour to the birds that inspired my design. The various positions of the birds are modelled on the natural body position a wading bird has when looking for food in the sand and on the shoreline. The coloured legs and beak complete this expression."

About Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen is a way of living - a mindset. We love to challenge the conventional design rules. This is why you will find traditional materials put into untraditional use such as a Stone Hook made of Icelandic stones, vase made out of silicon and last but not least a dog made out of plastic.