The Drop Top Shade fits perfectly over the Plumen Drop Caps

Plumen | Plumen Drop Top Set

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Globe and Drop Cap included Material: Painted metal

Ø 250mm at widest point x 293mm H
Weight: 1kg
Fabric cable length 2m 

Plumen 001
192 x 100 x 91mm
15W equal to a 70W incandescent bulb
820 Lumens
Lifetime: 8,000 Hrs
Colour Temperature: 2,700 kelvins

Plumen Drop Top Pendant Set
The Plumen Drop Top is a hand-blown glass shade that sits on top of any of the Plumen Drop Caps, perfectly framing the bulb below. The material allows you to enjoy the form of the bulb, but directs the light downwards to illuminate the surface below.

The Drop Top Set includes the Plumen Drop Cap, which features a painted metal ceiling rose, lamp holder, and 2m of matching fabric cable. Also included is a Plumen globe - choose from either the Original or Baby size. The Drop Top can be installed onto any ceiling and the cable length can be adjusted to your preference. 

The Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer low energy light bulb. The dynamic, sculptured form contrasts to the dull regular shapes of existing low energy bulbs, in an attempt to make the Plumen a centrepiece, not afterthought. The PLUMEN 001 saves 80% on your energy bills and lasts 8 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb. The Plumen 001 was designed by Hulger & Samuel Wilkinson.

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