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Normann Copenhagen
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Glass. One package contains 2 pcs. Dishwasher safe,But we would recommend to wash them by hand.

H42cm x D34cm x L76cm

Normann Copenhagen Sko Shoe Rack
Sko Shoe Rack by Normann Copenhagen is a shoe rack with both an industrial and simple feel, made with robust, Scandinavian materials. Sko was designed by Simon Legald without any unnecessary components. It consists of a wooden frame with two perforated steel shelves held together by accentuated screws.

About Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen is a way of living - a mindset. We love to challenge the conventional design rules. This is why you will find traditional materials put into untraditional use such as a Stone Hook made of Icelandic stones, vase made out of silicon and last but not least a dog made out of plastic.

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Not just for shoes!
Written by Julia on 25th Nov 2015

I purchased this rack for my entrance hall as a more stylish and compact 'dump zone' for my 2 kids' school bags and their bike and scooter helmets - ages 11 & 4. Bags on top and helmets on the bottom. Fits 2 backpacks upright , a dance bag ( small Crumpker messenger) and a library book bag at a neat squeeze. 3 helmets on the bottom (and a snail night light!) A great way to contain the spread. If it doesn't fit on the rack, then you shouldn't be carrying it is my new mantra. ( Be great at the end of a single bed too)

Functional Style
Written by Larry on 6th May 2014

I love the structure of this shoe rack.