Nordic Tales Snowflake Bowl

Nordic Tales | Snowflake Bowl

Nordic Tales
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Material: White opal glass outer, inner glass frosted


Snowflake bowl by Nordic Tales
Snowflake is a decorative bowl inspired by the photographer, James Balog’s work which pictures the climate changes of the Earth. Images, which greatly oppose the ambiguous scientific hypotheses, put forward by various experts on the topic of climate changes. The idea behind the Snowflake bowl is similar to the art of James Balog; to visualize the challenges of climate changes through something physical, visual and unequivocal.

Snowflake bowl is made from two types of glass, the inner side of the bowl is produced in opal glass while the outer is in frosted. When light hits the bowl the geometric shapes are reflected through the two layers of glass. In that way Snowflake turns into a luminaire which character changes according to its surroundings. Snowflake bowl was designed by Jonas Hoejgaard. 

About Nordic Tales
Nordic Tales is the story of wonderful design and ideas that are created to become part of the Scandinavian design tradition. Nordic Tales begin the story with the product design, which is then completed by the consumer who create their own combinations of colour and scale. Nordic Tales believes that quality design can be created in a humble studio apartment, with results that both the designer and consumer will love.