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Muuto | The Dots Rose


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Pack includes five Dots: 1 large, 1 medium & 3 small. First class oiled oak or coloured versions in ash wood. Each hook can hold up to 1.4 kg 

Large: Ø17cm x depth 5.7cm
Medium: Ø13cm x depth 4.4cm
Small: Ø9cm x depth 3.5cm

Muuto Dots Rose
Muuto Dots Rose designed by Lars Tornoe consists of a range of delightful assorted coloured wall hooks. Made of oak or ash, each set consists of five hooks and each Dot is carefully manufacture to make certain that when you hook your clothes, they are undamaged. Muuto Dots Rose can be arranged at your own liking in your home, creating a rosy hue on your wall. Leave them uncovered and you can enjoy the colour, shape and material. There are various sizes in the Muuto Dots family and you are able to express your creative mind in the arrangements of any sort. Enjoy!

About Muuto
One of the Scandanivian’s furniture and lightning Manufacturer, Muuto is constantly looking for the best talent in the region, bringing out the creativity in them to reflect in the everday sublime objects. Muuto is derived from the Finnish word Muutos, which means new perspective. 
You can also rely on Muuto on their designs via their vast collections such as E27 Pendant, Under the Bell, Unfold Pendant, MHY Pendant, and Plugged Lamp.


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Pretty Spots
Written by Emily on 28th Apr 2014

I purchase this Set and attached them in my kitchen area. I find them very useful as I could hang up my mittens and baking things. And I love that it's made of wood.